Sunday, March 23, 2014

Paul Reiser on David Brenner

One of the things I write about in great detail in my upcoming autobiography is the issue of influence. I talk, with a lot of gratitude, about the friends and family members who helped me become an artist and a man, and who gave me courage when I had none and praise when I needed it most.

David Brenner
I'm at the age when I notice others who write about such an influence. But I was completely unprepared for one of the best personal columns on that subject I've ever read.

Paul Reiser is an actor I've always admired. He has a deft touch for comedy (of course) but can also hold his own in drama with some pretty impressive heavyweights. I had no idea he could write, and write beautifully at that. So it came as a delightful surprise to read his magnificent tribute to comedian David Brenner just published in HuffPo.

If you're over 50, I don't have to explain who Brenner was. If you don't know, he was a comedian who ruled TV back in the 70s and who just died. Brenner had a huge influence on Paul Reiser and Reiser's column is so spot-on, so generous, and so loving that it encapsulates what it means to have an older role model to look up to.

Take a few minutes and go read it. You will be richer for it.

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