Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Poem for Thursday

Dove Tells Women to Love Their Armpits
                                             Headline in The New York Times

Thank your for drifting down to us,
for giving us the clarity of your cleanliness,
O dove with a message for human women.
Thank you for feathering off their arms
and their legs, for nipping crumbs from
their after-dinner laps and not revealing
the source of your tiny nourishments.

Sweet dove, nestle in the concavities
of all women, be our proctor, gamble
with our view of ourselves as we step out
of the shower’s flight of steam, its flock
of hidden stubble and a razor’s edge.

O dove, women will thank you for ages
to come, possibly, for your sanitary cooing,
for your permission to love that which
we think may be unlovable to one species
or another. Women will build monuments
to your advertorial permission: to love
what we are told must be hidden by flesh
but what is yet filled with old nourishment
when someone brings it a tickle with the tongue.

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