Sunday, May 4, 2014

Staring the Red Earth Down

In the past year I've had to good fortune to meet a superb poet and outdoor educator named Brent Martin. Brent and his wife, singer-songwriter Angela-Faye Martin, live in Cowee in western North Carolina, a stomping ground of mine all my life.

Next month, I'll be part of a seminar conducted for the Wilderness Society, for which Brent is Southeast Regional Director, his office located in Sylva. But for now, Brent is out on the road reading from his brand-new and brilliant book of poetry called Staring the Red Earth Down (Red Bird Chapbooks). With images by artist Robert Cox, the book is an absolute joy.

I will be having a lot more to say about Brent and his work as time for the event gets closer, but for now, let me direct you to a fantastic blog entry about him written by Irene Hardwicke Olivieri:

More to come soon!

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