Sunday, February 23, 2014

A New Web Site!

I've got a gorgeous new website--the first work on the months leading up to the release of It is Written: My Life in Letters.

It's at, and it's the work of the brilliant Janice Sand of Athens Web Design Studio, LLC. I have never used a blog to promote a private business, but this is the time to break that rule.

I've known Janice for many years, back to when we were science journalists together on the University of Georgia campus. While she was engaged in communications for ecology, she was also learning the skills of web site design. And she's now at the top of her game.
Photo by Anne Yarbrough

My old address was a gray-scale site, a lovely thing, very simple and elegant. But it was time for a new website, and I knew Janice would be the one for the job. We met and I told her I wanted something more edgy and modern, better suited to my autobiography that will be coming out in September.

She understood immediately and got to work. The first thing she did was get me to hire yet another brilliant Athens artist, photographer Anne Yarbrough. I've had a long history of photo shoots over the past 30 years as a published author, but Anne's was outstanding, both for her superb eye and her top-notch technical skills.

My wife has often complained that I don't smile in photographs, and between them, Anne and Janice took me all over Athens on a long photo shoot that turned out better than I could have remotely imagined.

There are links both to Janice's and Anne's businesses at the bottom left corner of the main page on my new website. I can't recommend them highly enough. Now if I can just get back into Facebook!

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