Thursday, February 13, 2014


We had a wonderful sleet and snow storm here in north Georgia for the past two days. At our house, we didn't even lose the power. But while waiting yesterday morning to see what would happen, I wrote this:

Power & Light

Waiting for the power to go,
the revolution has begun.
We huddle inside the house where
we have lived for twenty-two years
of our lives, where children and grandchildren
came, fireplace bright, waiting, waiting.

We have a long time
to get used to the coming cold.
We can see the world through
an eighteenth-century lens,
huddled for light and warmth
around the flames, and I want
to say to you that if this is
the revolution, I will be on
the barricades, waving our
family flag, saying, it is time,
it is long past time
for us to sing our Marseillaise
and be proud of what
we have done here,
even when the power blinks
and turns into the sweetest light
we have shone in this life.

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