Friday, January 17, 2014

Social Media

Though I've lagged on it, I'm getting a new website, new blog design and will be on Facebook and Twitter in a few weeks. This is all in advance of the two new books I have coming out between now and spring 2015.

I'll admit that I've been slow to adopt social media platforms. Part of it is that it's just not pleasurable for me to talk about myself all day long. People used to call the 1970s the "Me Generation," but it didn't hold a candle to now. Yet, I get it. In a world with billions of people, the ability to connect, to say "I'm here" and to showcase a life is attractive. For some it's almost addictive. For me, it's been nearly impossible.

But I'm not a luddite. I've written all my works on computer since the early 1980s. To me there's no romance in writing by hand, and it doesn't make what I write different. But I'll do my best to join the new world of Me and tell you what's up.

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